Blocked Account

Sometimes, our staff needs to block some of the monetized accounts, for a number of reasons, the most common one of them being – attempt to trick the system.

Monetization is disabled for my account

To check the monteization status on your profile, you can refer to the Status on monetization page while signed into your Fliiby account. There are several reasons why monetization might be disabled for your Fliiby account, such as multiple content with Community Guideline strikes, copyright strikes, attempted monetization of ineligible content, or violations of Publisher Program Policies. These reasons all may result in suspension of payments.

Multiple warnings

If you receive multiple warnings for copyright strikes,  you may lose the ability to monetize your content.  In order to regain monetization option, you may contact Fliiby support team and explain your situation, if you think your profile was wrongly suspended .
Note: account monetization may still be disabled if you delete the blocked content.

Please refer to our Policy  and Copyright School to learn how to keep your account in good standing and manage your content on Fliiby.

Monetization rejected

Fliiby may also disable monetization if your content has been reviewed and has not been approved for monetization. Repeated submission of ineligible content and/or inadequate proof that you own the necessary rights for commercial usage of all visual and audio elements, within the allotted time period, may affect your account’s monetization status.

Invalid Click Activity

Partners found in violation of Fliiby  program policies, such as invalid click activity, invalid page views may not participate in monetization. Should you decide to appeal this decision, please provide as much information as possible to help us understand your traffic.

Please note that if your appeal is approved, monetization may be restored on your Fliiby account(s) within a few days, and monetization will be enabled on all files that have been previously monetized.

Fake Views

If you have decided to game the system by sending fake views using any kind of software, view exchanging networks, websites, etc. you may get your account banned, blocked from publisher program and all your earnings will be retained with or without any notice from system administrators.

Updated on June 17, 2016

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