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Copyright is a form of protection of ororiginal works of authorship, including: literary, dramatic, musical, graphic and audiovisual creations (photographs, books, films and videos). Copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted content is reproduced, distributed, modified, performed or publicly displayed without the permission of the copyright holder or the legal right to do so.

Uploading, sharing and most of all monetizing other people digital content can get you in serious trouble for copyright infringement – you can be sued and found liable for monetary damages. You can lose all your hard earned money or even worse, you can lose your Fliiby account!

If Fliiby receives a valid notification of alleged copyright infringement from a copyright holder for one of your files, that file will be removed, you will be notified by email, in your account and you will get a warning from Fliiby website. If Fliiby administrators find that you are a repeat offender we will ban your account, remove your earnings and stop any payment if you are Fliiby publisher!

Both digital and analog content is copyrighted by copyright act (DMCA), including:

– Photographs;

– Print and electronic books (e-books);

– Analog and digital musical recordings;

– Print and e-mail letters;

– Web sites;

– Embedded works in web sites;

– Electronic and non-electronic databases;

Almost all content found on the web is copyright protected so permission is required to use that work beyond fair use. Copyright is secured automatically upon creation of the content and no action is required to secure copyright protection. Using copyright notice is no longer required under US law but it is recommended. 

What you can’t do

– Filming performers – you need permission to use that material;

– Mashups and remixed content may also require permission form original owner;

– Steal other people digital content;

– Re-upload other people’s digital content;

– Manipulate and modify a digital copyrighted image with softwares like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

– Scan and reuse other people’s content;

– Use stock images and clip art, even if they are published under Creative Commons copyright license.

Instead of copying and stealing other people digital content, why don’t you go out and make your own content? All you need is your digital camera or smart phone and you are ready to go!

What you can do:

– create your own content and you will have your own right on copyright;

– be creative and stay away from using other people digital content;

– stay conscious of the fine line between inspiration and copying;

Fair use

Certain uses of copyright protected work do not require permission from the copyright holder. This include minimal use of copyrighted material that do not interfere with copyright holder exclusive rights to reproduce and reuse the work.

Fair use is not an exception to use copyrighted material, it is more of a legal defense. Fair use is intended to allow use of copyrighted material for commentary, parody, news reporting, education and research. To avoid a potential legal challenge, when you are in doubt whether you are breaking Copyright Act, obtain permission from copyright holder.

Fair use allow users to:

– Comment on other people digital content;

– Remix other people digital content;

– Criticize other people digital content;

– Make parodies on other people content;

Titles, short phrases, and format, for example, are not copyrightable.

Report Stolen Material

In case that you find stolen content on Fliiby website, please report that file immediately! We will check that file and in case that you are right, we will warn the person who uploaded that file and remove it from the website. In any case, if you are right or wrong, we will NOT penalize you.

We are doing our best to keep Fliiby clean, but considering the amount of files uploaded every day we may make mistake. Feel free to help us make Fliiby best place for every digital content producer.

How to report stolen material?

Under every file on Fliiby website you have a flag symbol. Just click on it, write in your name, email address, massage and select a reason for reporting that file. Click “report” and you are done. Thank you in advance being a good person helping us in Fliiby!

Photo manipulation explained

In order to have copyright protection, digital content must reach certain level of originality and creativity. Since photographs are protected as copyrighted work they cannot be copied. Using software like Photoshop, Illustrator and many others, altering other people digital content without permission is copyright infringement.

Under reaching “certain level originality” photograph that you have used must be different enough. If we can see that it is similar to the original, then it is copyright infringement and your photograph will be blocked, deleted and you will not be able to monetize it.

What if manipulated image is not exactly the same?

If image is not exactly the same but similar, under US copyright law it is copyright infringement. Considering this, if we on Fliiby may see that image is based on another, then it is copyright infringement. Also, stock images and clip art are copyrighted and illegal to use. Stay away from other people work and create your own digital content.

Creating your own music makes you the copyright holder, on the other hand, when talking about remixes things are more complex. Legally speaking, remix is a derivative work that is new, based on the original work. According to copyright law, you need permission from copyright holder to use original work in order to create derivative work.

However Fair Use creates a limited exception to the rule. Fair use is a defense to copyright infringement designed to encourage innovation, parody and other beneficial results without asking the permission of the original creator. Material used to create remix falls under fair use based on the amount of original content used, nature of the content, purpose and effect on an audience.

There is no distinct line between copyright infringement and fair use regulation for producing a remix. However, if derivate work is entirely new and transformative that is NOT FOR PROFIT, copyright laws are not breached. Remix product must be sufficiently altered or used for different purpose in order to be safe from copyright violation.

Please understand that copyright law is very complicated. Since Fliiby allows you to monetize your digital content, we must be very cautious about what is allowed and what is not allowed to be monetized on Fliiby website.

Because of the fact that copyright law is very complicated, we will stay always on a safe side and discard, delete and disallow any content that may be a matter of dispute or copyright infringement in our eyes. If you believe that your content was wrongly blocked or deleted, please contact Fliiby support with evidence that you are the rightful copyright owner and we will allow your digital content to be monetized on Fliiby website.

Updated on June 2, 2016

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