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Embedding FAQ and Rules

In order to use Fliiby files in embeds on your website, blog or forum you need to follow some rules in order to pay respect to our users that put huge effort to create amazing content. Here are most common questions related to embedding.

Am I allowed to embed all files?

No matter if you have your own files or not, you are allowed to embed files on your website or blog. All you have to do is to use iframe codes or Fliiby WordPress plugin. Follow links to learn more about embedding.

Do I need permission from the user to embed their files?

No, you don’t need any special permission since users have right to turn embed option on or off for their files. If they allow embedding of their files then file will be shown on your site.

How many files I may embed on the page?

No matter how many files you embed on a single page system will show all files. In order to be able to monetize your embedded files you may have up to 5 files on one page.

Am I allowed to use Fliiby embed as stand-alone ad?

Using Fliiby Embed as a stand-alone ad unit is strictly prohibited and will result in your account been blocked or domain blacklisted! Embed only in relevant and useful way to the content on page.

Am I allowed to alter embed code?

NOAltering of Embed code in such a way just to facilitate impressions and views is forbidden and it will get your domain blacklisted. If you alter Fliiby embed code we will stop showing files on your domain. Although, you may change embed style and size.

I have tried to embed file but it is not showing?

In case that user have turned option off to show files in embeds, files will not show on your page.

Can I put any any file I want on my site?

Basically yes but file that you are embedding should be related to your content. Embedding landscape photograph on a page where you are writing about latest computer monitor doesn’t add value to your content and may be seen as spam.

Faking impressions through embeds

Every try to fake impressions through embeds is prohibited and may get you in trouble and your account can be banned. If you go to your “Statistics” page you will see that we are tracking all embeds.

What is minimum embed file size?

Minimum allowed size for a file to be embedded is 300×250 pixels.

Updated on June 3, 2016

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