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Fliiby WordPress Plugin

Here is short video explaining how to install and use Fliiby WordPress plugin.

Fliiby WordPress Plugin Installation

You can install Fliiby WordPress Plugin directly from your blog admin interface by navigating to “Plugins”, then click on “Add New” and search for “Fliiby”. Click on “Install Now” button; Once installed activate it and you are ready to go.


Fliiby plugin will show up in Dashboard of the admin panel, and by visiting plugin page you will find the explanation how to use all capabilities of our plugin.


In order to make embedded files from Fliiby more appealing for your visitors, we introduced style’s option that lets you customize the size of embed. Default options can be found at the bottom of the page – set desired size (width and height in pixels) and Style that you want to use. If you don’t want to change default settings, leave all fields blank.

Fliiby WordPress Plugin Capabilities

Main purpose of our WordPress plugin is to enable all Fliiby publishers to embed their own content into their blog posts, saving bandwidth and earning additional views on their content – saving money + earning more money. In order to do so, you first need to have an account on Fliiby website with enabled monetization and some digital content (pictures, music, videos, documents and other files) uploaded to Fliiby website.

When you are inside your blog post, click on “Fliiby” button that is shown on the image. The first option is to “Upload Files” which is an easy and convenient way for uploading new content without leaving blog post. In just a few clicks every file from the computer will be on our servers and ready to embed into the new blog post.

The second option is “My Files” where our publishers can access their own, already uploaded files, and embed them directly into a new post.

Note: This is a great solution for all Fliiby publishers to access and embed their content in their blog posts earning more views with Fliiby while saving on bandwidth costs. Ads may be shown over embedded content earning you additional income.


Fliiby WordPress plugin is convenient for all bloggers as it will help them create amazing, eye-catching, content rich blog posts using digital content from Fliiby website. All you need is an account on Fliiby website that is free.

Once inside blog post, click on “Fliiby” button and then in “Search” field enter any keyword (term) that you need for the blog post in order to find digital content that will suit your needs (you need to be logged in to use search option). Once you enter your term, push “enter” on your keyboard or simply click on magnifying glass icon and all desired content is in front of you.

On this example, I was looking for “landscape” keyword. As you may see, there are tons of amazing photographs that you may include in your posts with just a few clicks. Once you find what you are looking for, click on “File Link” button if you want to add the link to that photo or click “Embed Code” in order to embed it in your blog post.


Note: Embedding digital content from Fliiby website, you will save bandwidth since all material is served from our lightning fast servers. Using material from Fliiby website is free but ads may be shown inside our responsive, state of the art Fliiby player earning money to publishers that have uploaded material that you use.

As our publishers are sole owners of the copyright, by embedding their content using our player, you are automatically permitted to use their digital content not infringing their rights, earning them views through our network.

Conclusion: Using Fliiby WordPress plugin is free for all. Our embed code is responsive and will be shown on all devices without resizing problems and without interfering with your blog theme. By using Fliiby plugin, you are able to access and use all digital content on Fliiby website without infringing the copyright of the people who are owners of that material.

Download link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fliiby/

Updated on June 3, 2016

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