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How to Create Fliiby Account?

There are two simple ways for creating Fliiby account:
– You may connect your Facebook account with Fliiby
– You may use your email for registration.

In both cases, first thing that you need to do is to click on green “Sign up, it’s free” button. You will get this screen:

Fliiby Sign up Screen

Now you need to decide whether you will use your Facebook account for signing up or your email address.

Sign up With Facebook

If you have decided to register your account using Facebook, click on “Sign up with Facebook” button. If you are logged into your Facebook account, you will be taken to next step. In case that you are not logged into your Facebook account, you will be redirected to Facebook where you need to enter your data.

Choose Username

In the next step, you will have to choose your future Fliiby username. Choose something that is acceptable to other people, something that represents you or your business. Please do not use something rude or offensive as your username.

After choosing your username, click on “Continue” button and follow steps in Walk-through process.

Register Using Your Email Address

If you have decided to use your email address to create account, you need to fill following fields:
– in the first field, you need to enter your username (username that you want to use on Fliiby);
– in the second field enter your valid email address;
 in third and also fourth field enter your desired password
and then click on “Create Account” button

Once you click on “Create Account” button you will be guided to Walk-through process where you are able to learn more about Fliiby in few simple steps.

Walk-through Process

Firstly, you will get a nice welcome screen where we explain in few sentences how Fliiby works. To continue to the next step click on green “Let’s Go” button.
Walk-through First ScreenIn the following step, you will be asked to setup your profile and cover photo.

Change Profile and Cover Photo

Click on the default profile icon to change it (you will need to browse for images on your computer or smart phone). To change the cover photo, click on “Change cover photo” and browse for desired cover photo file on your computer or smart phone.
In case that your cover photo is lower than 1300×220 px system will reject it as the size is smaller than needed.

Once you changed your profile and cover photo, “Continue” will change color and you can click on it to move to another step.

In case that you have decided to change your profile or cover photo some other time, you are able to skip this step by clicking on “Skip this step for now“.

On the next step, you will be able to follow most popular users on Fliiby.

Follow Users on Fliiby

By clicking on X in the profile corner you may remove that profile and skip to another one.
By clicking on a green “Follow” button you will become one of the user’s follower sand you will see files of that person on your Fliiby main page.
Once you follow at least 5 people, “Continue” button will go green and you will be able to proceed to another page.

On the next page, you may find your Facebook friends that are already registered on Fliiby and follow them. You may also import Google and Yahoo contacts.

Forth Step Registration

Once you are finished, you may click on Continue button to end the registration process.
If you want, you may choose to skip this step by clicking on “Skip this step for now” link to continue to the next step.

Last Step Signup

On the last step, you will see some information about Fliiby Monetization Program. Once you finish reading, click the green “OK I’ve got it! Now let me in” button and you are done.

Updated on June 1, 2016

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