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How To Embed Content

There are few ways to embed Fliiby files on your website or blog. First and quickies way to it is just taking iFrame code.

How to Share Files Video

We have created short video explaining how you can share and embed files. Take a look

Start Embedding

When you put mouse cursor over every file thumbnail on Fliiby, you will see share button.

Share Button

Once you click on share button, you will get Share Panel with following options:

Share Panel

Share Embed Panel

  • 1 – direct link to the file
  • 2 – iFrame embedding code
  • 3 – you can choose or create new embed style
  • 4 – html code for embedding into websites
  • 5 – BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) for embedding on forums

Embed Code on File Page

Other way to get same panel with codes for embedding is to open any file on Fliiby website and click on share button under file description or inside a player.

Share from Page

Both “Share” buttons are marked with arrows. once you click on the button, Share panel will open.

Once you get your embed code, simply paste it into your blog, website or on the forum.


Updated on June 3, 2016

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