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I Don’t Want to Receive Emails

If you don’t want to receive emailsĀ from Fliiby website you may do the following:

Change Settings

In order to change settings, log in to Fliiby and go to Settings Page. Scroll down to “Notifications” part and turn OFF all notifications that you don’t want to receive.

Turn Notifications Off

Although you may want to turn off all notifications, we suggest you to leave ON last one (Fliiby has an update or promotion).


Fliiby emails comply with all anti-spam laws and because of this we are obliged to provide unsubscribe button in every email that you receive from us.

To unsubscribe from Fliiby mailing list all you have to do is to open an email and click on unsubscribe button at the end of an email.

Unsubscribe Email Button

Updated on June 1, 2016

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