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I’m Not Receiving Email Notifications

If you are not receiving email notifications from Fliiby, first thing that you need to do is to check your “Spam” folder. In case that you find email from Fliiby there, select it by clicking on a small square before email and then click on “Not Spam” button.

If you are still not receiving emails, check settings in your Fliiby account. Go to Settings page and make sure that you have turned “ON” all settings that you want.

Turn ON Notifications

Also, make sure on settings page that you have filled in your correct email address.

We send emails from:
noreply@fliiby.com (for all general emails, news, notifications)
support@fliiby.com (for all support emails)
publishers@fliiby.com (for all publisher emails, revenue)
noreply@fliiby.com (for account emails, like password resets and more)
so add those emails in your address book or contact list just to make sure that you receive all emails that you want.

Updated on June 1, 2016

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