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Login Troubles and Password Reset

There are few reasons you may face the log in problems. Most often, people try to log in with wrong credentials commonly because of typo mistakes so make sure first that you have entered the right username/password combination.

Make sure that you have turned off Caps Lock on your keyboard or click on “Show Password” on your smartphone to make sure that everything is fine. If you still can’t log in, follow the next few steps.

You can’t log in with Facebook

If you are on the main Fliiby page, click on a sign in button that is on top right corner or click on this link for Sign In Page that looks like this:

Login Screen

If you have registered to Fliiby using your Facebook account, click on “Sign up with Facebook” button. Now, if you are already logged in into your Facebook account – you will be redirected to your profile page on Fliiby,

In case that you are not logged in into Facebook account, you will get the following page on Facebook.
Facebook LoginOnce you log in to your Facebook account, you will be redirected to your Fliiby profile page. If you are logged in into Facebook account and still can’t access your Fliiby account, there is a possibility that you have used your email for registration so proceed to solve the email problem.

You can’t log in with Email

If you are on the sign in page and you have typed your username and password and you see the following – you have done something wrong! Now, let us try to help you resolve this issue.

Wrong username or password


First, make sure that you have typed right username and password (most often people just type the wrong combination, or oversee a typo). Check if Caps Lock is on your keyboard. Don’t write your email in username field because it will not work.

Reset Your Password

So, if you still can’t log into Fliiby – click on “I forgot my password” button.

On the next page in “Email Address” field write your email address.

Reset Email Address

And click on “Reset password” field. Once you click it, we will send you an email address with your new password.

This is how your email for resetting your password will look like:

Password Reset Email

In order to reset your password, click on a link in the email and you will get a new password.


Updated on June 1, 2016

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