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Photo and Music manipulation

Photo manipulation explained

In order to have copyright protection, digital content must reach a certain level of originality and creativity. Since photographs are protected as copyrighted work, they cannot be copied. Using software like Photoshop, Illustrator and many others, altering other people digital content without permission is treated as copyright infringement.

Under reaching “certain level of originality”, photograph that you have used must be different enough. If we can see that it is similar to the original, then it is copyright infringement and your photograph will be blocked, deleted and you will not be able to monetize it.

What if manipulated image is not exactly the same?

If an image is not exactly the same but similar, under US copyright law it is treated as copyright infringement. Considering this, if we on Fliiby may see that image is based on another, then we will treat it as copyright infringement. Also, stock images and clip art are copyrighted and illegal to use.

Creating your own music makes you the copyright holder, on the other hand, when talking about remixes things are more complex. Legally speaking, remix is a derivative work that is new based on original work. According to copyright law, you need permission from copyright holder to use original work in order to create derivative work.

However Fair Use creates a limited exception to the rule. Fair use is a defense to copyright infringement designed to encourage innovation, parody and other beneficial results without asking the permission of the original creator. Material used to create remix falls under fair use based on the amount of original content used, nature of the content, purpose and effect on an audience.

There is no distinct line between copyright infringement and fair use regulation for producing a remix. However, if derivative work is entirely new and transformative that is NOT FOR PROFIT, copyright laws are not breached. Remix product must be sufficiently altered or used for different purpose in order to be safe from copyright violation.

Updated on June 2, 2016

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